Kevin melanson
An Initial Impression
Kevin Melanson is an active member of the IT, sales, and hospitality industry.       His goal is to enable you to reduce costs, by providing excellent service, combined with outstanding products.  These attributes create stronger client relationships.   Kevin has worked in finance, hotels, and non-profit groups to help turn these goals into realities.  He has spent his entire career building his expertise within IT, sales, and hospitality.
“Kevin would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.”
  -Trinity Grall
   Vice President of Operations
   Capital Financial Group
Kevin is a Lifetime Alumni of Purdue University with a bachelor degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and minor in Computer Science.  While there he became a brother within the Delta Chi Fraternity.  He remains active with Purdue University and volunteers at the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  
You can learn even more about Kevin through his resume.